Can you help #freetrevorreed ?

Trevor Reed is a close friend I grew up with & is wrongfully imprisoned in Russia and likely will be sentenced to 9 years working in a labor camp. His parents, sister, and fiance, as well as my parents and other friends and family have been working tirelessly over the last year to release him.

His next trial is November 11th, but anything and everything we can do (see below) will help him before and after the trial.

Thank you so much for any way you can contribute to help Trevor’s release from prison.

Here’s how you can help

Contact your representatives

Continue to call, mail, email elected officials.  Post replies on their Twitter posts! This can be US Senators, Congress Representatives, and the President and Vice President.

Find your representative HERE

What to email your representative HERE:
US President , US Senator, US Congress Representative

Share News Articles & Other Already Published Information Widely

There are plenty of news articles out there from the last several months that tell the basic story of what is happening.                    We have shared some of these news articles on the website  There are also a lot of information on Twitter @freetrevorreed and #freetrevorreed.

Please share news articles and information from and Twitter account @freetrevorreed on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email, and comments on related websites.

Follow/Repost on Twitter

Follow @freetrevorreed on Twitter, retweet posts, and tag your representatives (senators, congress representatives) in the posts.

Are you in the Military or a US Veteran?

Please start posting on every veteran discussion board and website that you can. 

Mention our website and Twitter profile.  Advocate for veterans to follow the situation and spread the word.